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The following are the OS's available for your dedicated server:
  Windows 2000
 Sun Solaris


We offer fully managed dedicated server that offer you all the features that are included with our standard accounts.  Each account has it's own cgi-bin, SSL (secure) directory, unlimited email
boxes, mysql database etc.

All dedicated servers include 5 ip based and 995 non-ip based virtual hosts.

Bandwidth is fully burstable as you are on your own 10 Mbps switched

Additional bandwidth above the included bandwidth is billed in tenth
(.1) Mbps increments.

Base            Included        Aprox Monthly   Rate per
Monthly         Bandwidth       Transfer        Additional Mbps
--------        ----------      -------------   -------------------
$400            .5 Mbps         125 GB          $600

Based on a one year commitment we are also now offering:

$500            1 Mbps          250 GB          $500
$1000           2 Mbps          500 GB          $500

Larger port sizes are available please ask for additional pricing if

The setup fee depends on which server configuration you choose.

High Performance Web Server
Single CPU
Pentium 4 2Ghz CPU w/1.5 Gig Ram
(2) 18 GB U2 SCSI IBM harddrives        $1250
to upgrade to 36 GB U2 SCSI drives add  $355

Machine setup fee's can be broken down over the first one, two, or 
three payments.  All servers are made of the highest quality 
components for optimum performance. 


We are now running a special in our Fremont facility and will be waiving
our $600 setup fee on colocation based on a 3 month commitment.Free with one year commitment.


Colocate a server at one of our high speed data
facilities that feature multiple gigabit Ethernet connections and enjoy
the benefits of a high speed connection.

We operate a national network that is connected to 7+
exchange points including MAE-WEST, MAE-EAST, Pac Bell NAP, New York
Internet Exchange (NYIIX), and Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX).  By
being directly connected to multiple exchange points we offer you and your
customers fast, reliable connectivity, and the shortest possible routes.

We have secure colocation facilities in Fremont and downtown San Jose,
California.  Our Fremont facility features individually key locked
cabinets, which we offer for $400 for a full cabinet and $300 for half a 
cabinet, or just an additional 12 inches for $200.


* High Performance Switched 10 Megabit Port
* 24 Hour Emergency NOC
* Secure Facility with Battery Backup and Emergency Generator
* Avoid Expensive High Bandwidth Leased Lines
* Additional Bandwidth Available As Needed
* Simple Migration Path to 100 Megabit Port

Included     Approximate      Base      Rate per
Bandwidth  Monthly Transfer  Monthly  Additional Mbps
---------  ----------------  -------  ---------------
128 Kbps        30 GB          $200       $1000
512 Kbps        125 GB         $400       $600

Based on a one year commitment:

1 Mbps   250 GB  $500  $500
2 Mbps          500 GB         $1000      $500

With 128 Kbps of bandwidth we include space for a 1U (1.75 inches tall) 
or a 2U (3.5 inches tall) rackmount server.

With 384 Kbps or more bandwidth we include 12 inches of rack space.

If you require 10 Mbps or more of bandwidth don't hesitate to contact me
for volume pricing.

All customers are on their own burstable full 10 megabit switched port.
Usage is calculated using the 95th percentile technique; we take samplings
at 5 minute intervals and throw out the top 5 percent (which is aprox. 
35 hours). Additional bandwidth above the included bandwidth is billed 
in tenth (0.1) of a megabit increments.

Customer provides rackmount case or shelving required for server.  If a
shelf is needed it is available for a one time charge of $60.

The setup can be broken into 3 payments


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